Folding Stretcher


🚑 Stretcher Is Easy, Lightweight, & Incredibly Strong Made From Top Grade Aluminum Alloy

🏥 This Industrial Strength Collapsible Stretcher Stores Away Compactly In It’s Carrying Case

🛡️ Comes With Two Heavy Duty Straps With Over-sized Buckles For Secure Patient Transport

⛑️ Extra Thick PVC Sheet Is Stain Resistant, Fireproof 🔥, & Will Hold Its Rigidity For Years

🚨 The Folding Aluminum Frame Comes With Thick Rubber Pads To Prevent Scratching Of Floors


Medical Backboard Straps


🚨 All spine board straps are made from top-grade industrial nylon woven and stitched together withstanding a lifetime of extended use.

🚨 Our medical backboard straps are secured by over-engineered tightly woven velcro straps which will firmly secure without loosing grip over the years of use.

🚨 These spider straps are made for standard size spine boards and various medical backboard sizes.

🚨 Every “MERGENCY” branded product comes with a 1 year warranty after signing up. Know you’re protected by choosing “MERGENCY”

🚨 All “MERGENCY” branded products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if there is any issues with your order or product we will make it right! Even if it is outside of the warranty period we are here to assist you.


Lifeguard Float


Offering excellent buoyancy and several handles that can be griped easily from any angle. The lightweight and durable Rescue Can from MERGENCY is perfect for taking on lifeguard patrol, performing open water, multi-victim, and scuba rescues.


🚩| Quality | This lifeguard floatation device is made from the highest grade polyethylene which will resist exposure to the suns UV rays and will take a beating before showing any signs of wear & tear.

🚩| Superior | Our rescue buoy has more buoyancy than a standard rescue tube. This Torpedo buoy gives the rescuer the ability to assist multiple victims.

🚩| Versatile | Our lifeguard float is connected by a rope to a strap allowing the rescuer to swim while towing the buoy and victim.

🚩| Essential | Our lifeguard buoy is a must-have piece of lifeguard gear for water rescue.

🚩| Common Names | It is referred to also as a Rescue Can or Torpedo Buoy, because of its shape; and is often called a “Torp” for short by lifeguards.